Owkieee. This pictures looks a little bit blurred and muddy since  I took this at the middle of the night inside my room with the fluorescent hanging over me. Obviously, as you can see the soap is still unwrapped, unopened and uncut.

This soap was supposedly bought by my friend months ago but eventually did not so this soap became mine after all the hassle of getting it (which I’m glad because I was back then running out of soaps until my Mom bought some plain Ivory soap in white…).

Although I’ve tried this bar soap 7 months ago, I can’t seem to bring myself to buy it again because it’s soo expensive! It cost about Php300+ for the whole box and I used it mainly for my face because it kinda melts quickly because it made out of glycerin (which I think is high in content hence the quick melting action) and honey.

Ingredients are below:

Anyway, to support my friend Bel, who happens to be an Amway IBO. She and her senior up-line Ms. A demonstrated how good this soap was months ago to convince me to buy and try it out. Let me elaborate (again, sorry no pics as this is how many months ago :():

Materials: Amway G&H Complexion bar soap, a high-end brand (which I won’t name since what they brought was a sample piece and packaging is gone) glycerin & honey soap and lighter.

Demonstration 1: They cut a small piece of G&H  soap and let me smell it then repeat with competitor’s.

Demonstration 2: Got a lighter and burn one side of the competitor’s soap until bubbles form and becomes black like burned food then made me smell…

First Result: As they continue to first burn the competitor’s soap…I already smelled the awful burned chemical from the soap and I asked them to stop then they assured me that G&H is different but I was already skeptic because I couldn’t stand it and HELLOO! My goodness! We are inside an aircon room!  Imagine that!

Demonstration 3: After much convincing,  I went owkie with my face that gives this evil impression like make sure that-that does not smell like some crap or else! Hahahaha!  And guess what?

Second Result: It did not smell like some crappy chemical. In fact it smelled like burned sugar–sweet, warm and yummy like you’re cooking the caramel sauce for Letche Flan! Hahaha! I guess it must be the sucrose and honey ingredient in there.

My personal shower verdict: It leaves my skin very smooth and silky. I can actually feel the moisture locked in my skin. One thing that much stands out from this is that I feel very refresh after each wash aside from smelling good. In fact this is very addicting once you’ve tried it, you might end up keep on showering  and I don’t think it’s a good idea…

The BIG Q: Will I buy again? As you can see  the picture above, this is my second purchase of the soap and I don’t think I can’t afford to buy again and use them as  everyday body soap (even for the face) as it is waaaay beyond my budget unless I really slice 1/2 per bar but then it would be too small for a bar soap. Maybe when I am a little richer and I could afford such luxuries then I would make this my bath soap. But for others, a little self-indulgence won’t harm I guess.

Note: I recently bought their body wash  as a gift to my friend and she happens to like it very much. So I guess this is better off as a special gift than personal everyday use 😛